John Price M.

Tour Guide at Christian Brothers University

Class of 2021

Hometown: Memphis, TN

Major: Business Admin. conc. Management

What is your favorite CBU experience?

My freshman year, I was chosen by my organization to wear a pair of colorful pants as part of the Red Frilly Pants Project to raise money for St. Jude. I had to wear them no matter where I was, whether that was Senate meetings, going to a nice dinner or wherever! I ultimately raised about $2,400 and had to wear them for over three months!

Why did you choose CBU?

I chose CBU following in the footsteps of my two older siblings. I would come visit the school to see them and all of the current students made me feel so welcome and like I already belonged here. Coming from a smaller high school, I loved the small student to teacher ratio and the small classroom aspect. Being at a small university it's easier to get involved and have your voice heard!

What is a piece of advice you'd give to new students?

Get involved, as for many things in life, you get out what you put into CBU. CBU has so many things to offer and a range of ways to get involved. Whether that is Student Government or something smaller scale. It is so easy to get wrapped up in your school work and every once in awhile you may need a break, the organizations on campus are a great way to find that break.

I'm passionate about...

Marketing Academics Greek Life Athletics

I'm involved with...

Tau Kappa Epsilon President Presidents Ambassador p Student Government Association Senator CBU Advising Registration Leader
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