Matthew N.

Tour Guide at Christian Brothers University

Class of 2022

Hometown: Memphis, TN

Major: Business Administration

Concentration: Marketing

What is your favorite CBU experience?

Around the season of homecoming, CBU hosts a homecoming competition that has volunteering clubs and organizations to compete against one another to win as the homecoming champion. With that being said, everyday of homecoming week has a planned event that the clubs and organizations have to compete in such as decorate a banner, wacky Olympics, or a talent show. I find myself having a fun time coming to these events and watching all the clubs and organizations fight for their glory.

What is a piece of advice you'd give to new students?

For those incoming students, learn how to manage your time well. College compared to high school is a different ball park. Procrastinating or barely studying for a test isn't going to slide this time. My biggest advice is to have a calendar to write every due date, the events that you might be interested in, or daily reminders so that you keep everything straight and won't have to worry about making up an assignment or late work.

Why did you choose CBU?

Since Memphis was my hometown, I decided to stay local and stick with a college near me. I chose CBU rather than other colleges close by because I came from a small LaSallian high school and I wanted to continue to pursue my education along that path. After touring CBU, I found myself at home among the current students that walked around campus with smiles on their faces. The CBU atmosphere just pulled me right in and now I'm enjoying every second here!

I'm passionate about...

Meeting New People Film Music Gym Love to explore music genres Taco Bell Volleyball

I'm involved with...

Tau Kappa Epsilon South Asian Students Association Orientation Leader SGA (Student Government Association) President Ambassador
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