Yahya A.

Tour Guide at Christian Brothers University

Class of 2022

Hometown: arlington, TN

Major: Applied Psychology

Concentration: Industrial Organization

What is your favorite CBU experience?

My favorite thing about the university is the community. Friendships made in college differ completely from friendships made in high school. Living within walking distance of all your friends and spending days, weekends and even some holidays with them really makes a difference and makes the college experience that much more enjoyable!

What is a piece of advice you'd give to new students?

Always have an open mind! College is different from high school and although it may seem overwhelming at first, it gets much better quickly. The one thing every college student needs to do is start networking the moment they arrive on campus. Having connections, with everyone including faculty, can make the next four years much easier. This is very easy to do in a community as welcoming as the one at Christian Brothers University.

Why did you choose CBU?

After coming to the United States and spending a few years in Memphis, I fell in love with the city. High school passed, and I did not want to leave the city so I toured some local universities. After spending only a few hours at Christian Brothers University, I had already made a great group of friends and the community here was friendly and welcoming. I felt that CBU could offer me everything I wanted in a university and that the community would be here to help me succeed.

I'm passionate about...

Exercise Hiking Traveling Soccer Trying new food Reading

I'm involved with...

Psychology Club Student Worker Interfraternity council Secretary French Club Student Council First year leader Student Government Association Senator President Ambassador Tau Kappa Epsilon
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